How to Print Digital Papers

Modern digital life is a result of technological progress and permanent cultural changes – and there’s no going back! Digital products cater specifically to this new culture and provide you with a new way and resources to craft at home.

Digital papers raise many questions, such as how do I use these digital files? How do I print these files? I don’t have a 12 x 12 printer can I still print these? What type of paper do I use? Ronald and James will address these questions and show you the possibilities and flexibility of using digital papers.

How do I print these digital papers?
All home printers are not created equal when it comes to quality, color, and paper material handling. Check the user guide that came with your printer to set your printer to the high quality. We have found both manufacturer and “generic” ink produce a minimal difference in color. But we did find that cheaper paper will create colors that are muted.

I don’t have a 12 x 12 printer can I still print these?
Yes, you can print these papers, and No, you will not need a larger size printer to print these papers. You can print on letter-size paper, or any size paper up to 12 x 12 (if you have a large size printer). You can resize these digital papers in any document editor, like Word, PowerPoint, or publisher.

What type of paper do I use?
Paper is the most essential part of printing digital papers. The cheaper paper will absorb the ink and mute color quality. Base your paper choice on your project. Use a bright white paper that is 70lbs text weight.

Digital papers provide many uses?
Digital papers do not need to be printed! You can use it as a background to your phone, desktop, or mobile device. Use in videos or PowerPoint presentations.

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Below we have provided you with a few helpful “How to Print Digital Papers” videos.


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